Our Land Transport Division is managed under PT. Manggala Kiat Ananda. A company which specializes in refrigerated truck transport, serving the delivery of products such as : meats (fish, chicken, beef) and processed meats (nugget, sausage), ice cream, milk, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, pharmacies, etc.

Our extensive experience since 1996 in the refrigerated truck transport industry, has given us strong knowledge and skills to ensure ‘On Time and On Temperature’ of product delivery.

Huge coverage distribution through land transport within Java, Sumatra and Bali islands, and to make your distribution cost more efficient we have regular schedule for consolidated shipments through the islands.

Currently more than 200 trucks departed from our warehouse daily for distribution in Jabodetabek area only, with more than 8.000 drop points monthly.

With the support of our professional team utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we continuously strive to give the best solution for your refrigerated transport needs.



Our fleet consists of various types and sizes of trucks to meet our customers needs :

  • Engkel (volume 6 m3, tonase 2 ton)
  • Double Engkel (volume 11 m3, tonase 4 ton)
  • Tronton (volume 25 m3, tonase 10 ton)
  • Jumbo (volume 30 m3, tonase 14 ton)
  • Built Up (volume 35 m3, tonase 18 ton)
  • Trailer
  • Big Mama



We are highly aware of the time and temperature sensitive nature of the products that we deliver. For this reason, we have adopted cutting-edge technology which enable us to have Real Time Monitoring on the Position and Temperature of all our Fleet to ensure “On Time On Temp” delivery service.